April 02, 2011

Easter Baskets!!!

How cute is this! ^.^  Another simple but fun project you can do in an afternoon.
Supplies List:
Gift Basket Club Easter print-ables at D.A.I.S.I.E. Company (no you don't need to be a member).
Epson heavy weight matte paper (or paper of your choice)
Craft Knife
Bone scorer
Flowers and ribbon of your choice

The Easter Basket included in the club kit is only a small one, which is not what I needed so I enlarged the template in Photoshop.  As I require 4 baskets this year, one for each of the children I also changed the colour of the lower portion of the template.  I printed out my templates on my Epson printer, using the Epson heavy weight matte paper.  I find this paper is excellent for paper crafts, super bright and the colours are vibrant.

Now as I don't have a cutting machine, I just used my craft knife and a ruler to cut the straight lines and scissors to cut the curves.  Using a bone scorer, score all lines as indicated on the template.  I have finally purchased a scor-pal and boy does this make a difference :)

Now your ready to glue your pieces together!  I tried using a glue runner but this didn't seem to be a good stick and ended up using double sided sticky tape.  I did find that gluing both edges on the sides gave a better bond instead of just running tape down the middle 

Once the basket is assembled and the handle attached it's ready for a bit of decoration.  For the girls baskets I added flowers and a bit of ribbon but left the boys baskets plain.

TA DA!!!  I am so happy with the way the baskets turned out, these are too cute and the kids can take them home with them this year.  Bottom left of the photo you will see a small basket this is the original size that comes in the Club Kit.  This little basket I will give to our granddaughter, the bigger baskets are for the big kids ranging in age from 21 - 26 years... hahahahahaha!

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