March 25, 2011

So What's the Plan!

Hubby is a plan man, he insists on having a plan for everything. If there is no plan he just doesn't cope well and heaven forbid if you deviate from a plan (a big no no). It’s not just having a plan, you have to think about the plan, get the plan down, then action the plan. I am sure he has a plan for everyday for the rest of the year mapped out in his head... and when I say every day I mean breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything that should happen in-between...hehehehe. For years the Man with a Plan has been trying to win me over to his idea that ya just gotta have a plan.

I’m the spontaneous type, go with the flow and see what happens. Whatever takes my fancy at the time is what I do. When you’re young it’s not such a biggie really not having a plan, coz you have the rest of your life right. So me being a bit of a free spirit has been good for the Man with a Plan, this has allowed him to forge ahead in his career. If it meant we had to move to a new state or town then we did. Along the way we've had children – sorta planned, numerous pets – not planned, house purchases – half a planned. No points for guessing which parts of our life I was in charge of or a little bit involved

Now fast forward 25 years... I think the Man with a Plan’s idea is starting to grow on me. Here I am about to start a week’s holiday and I don’t want to waste a minute. EEK!! I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m going to formulate a plan. Hmmmm... what do I want to do?

Of course even when I have my plan in writing, it will have to be a flexible plan with room for changes. You can’t just take the spontaneity out of me completely... ^.^


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