February 07, 2011

It's Official!

I'm getting old that is...lol.  I have glasses for long distance vision, not very strong and the prescription hasn't change since I first got them ten years ago.  But...

...for a couple of months now I've had trouble reading the labels on the backs of food cans and packets.  At first I put it down to poor lighting, then wondered if the size of writing on the labels had changed...hehehe.  So, I took myself off to the optometrist today.  The good news is my long distance vision still hasn't changed...YAY.  The bad news is that the writing on food labels hasn't changed size either, yep I need glasses for reading o_O.  Oh but what frames to buy, there was a dilemma in itself...hahahaha. I'll take a photo when I get them and you can tell me what you think :)

I'm still working on a Valentine's Day card for my beloved :) it has been such a lovely day today I was very motivated to get into my craftroom.  Shame I didn't get in there until 4pm, but better late than never hey!  Now that dinner is finished and dishes done, Hubby has toddled off to play army men with bloke which means I have the night to myself.  Hmmm... I think I will spend the night making cards :GRIN:

Have a great night everyone!

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