November 05, 2010

Welcome NEW LOOK!

I think this has been long over due...hehehehe so welcome to my new look blog.  Just a little less cluttered, a little more streamlined. I'm thinking of redesigning my header but just don't know what too...:sigh: I guess it will come to me ^.^

 But hey I must tell ya about the SUPA 5th BIRTHDAY SALE SDK are having 5th -7th November.  Can you believe it SDK is 5 years old, party time...WOOT, 

OK so apart from playing with the look of my blog, I am happy to say I have my calendar presents finished for family...YAY!  and I even whipped up a CD calendar which should be in the store this weekend.  I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit for Christmas Cards.  I ordered and received an envelope template which means this year I can truly customize my envelopes, at least they will look great even if there are no cards to put in them...hehehehe.
Have a great day!
Sammy :D


  1. Sammy the blog looks great! You are one talented lady!!

  2. Sammy, your blog looks terrific!