October 22, 2010


WOOT!!! What a glorious day ^.^ The sun was shining, the weather warm which of course motivates me to get outside and garden...hehehehe.  It was a busy day, mowed the lawn, whipper-snipped - well that was until I ran out of line and of course didn't have a backup :doh: got the washing done, did a bit of shopping, dropped in to see DD at work as I was going past and got the pool ready to vacuum... phew! 

Tomorrow will be a little less busy I hope, as it is going to rain I will confine myself indoors and clean the house :)

Now for the good stuff...

The FREEBIE! CUT IT UP Challenge template is available now, if you haven't grabbed it already get on over to the SDK Blog but hey don't just grab the freebie join in the challenge too and get yourself a $4 coupon to Creative Chaos Designs... YAY how great is that!

Have a great day!
Sammy :D

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