March 23, 2010

Challenge Layouts...

I am going to try better at scrapping, I am honest!  I was going through my layouts the other day, sorting them out by year so I could finally print them and pop them into albums.  To my horror I realised that I really haven't scrapped that many :(  Now I made a promise a while back to scrap a layout for every challenge at SDK, I have sort of kept up but not enough.  Now that I can see instantly how many layouts I have done per year, I'm hoping this will help focus me to scrap more.  I do tend to have a light bulb moments in the middle of doing something and scurry off to start on the new idea...hehehehe.

So here is my layout for the February CUT IT UP Challenge at SDK...

Now I haven't taken the FREEBIE! template link down yet so if you would like to grab it, hurry on over to the SDK Blog as it will be removed soon!
Have a great day!
Sammy :D

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