October 02, 2009

Print Your Pages!!!

Giving you fair warning this post is going to be a bit of a rant...kudos to anyone that reads all the way through...hehehe. First have a look at the new blinkie in my side bar for Scrapping Simply.

Printing your pages, do many people do this??? I have to think so as there are soooooo many places out there offering this service. So here's the thing...I work in a digital photo lab (for the past 2 years), we print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive photo paper (light sensitive) using a silver halide chemical process (like professionals use). Basically the machine setup is a darkroom in a box AND I love it!!!

Here in OZ there seems to be a severe shortage of places that can print scrap pages at a reasonable price, we don’t do square :poo:. Now with the equipment we have at work, we could offer this sort of service but not just prints we could also do books. All we need is a change to the software...but nooooooo. This week I finally got pinged off enough to send an email to the Powers That Be, to enquire if they had considered the digital market. I gave them links to a couple of OZ digi sites and a link to Shutterfly.

Have I even had the courtesy of a ‘thanks got your email’ reply...nope.

And Snapfish (yes they would be our competitors), gosh the Snapfish online site is brilliant! Why oh why aren’t we as good if not better...hmmm, that would be the crappy mc crap software we have (well it’s crap in comparison).

Here is a market we could enter easily, a market we could be leaders in here in Oz. I see all this potential of what we can/should be doing and it’s not even being considered...WTF! (sorry I am a bit passionate about this issue). We get the push, push, push you have to get more dollars, sell the service better/more instore. Oh and by the way make sure you sign every customer up to our online service so we can take your photo business away from the store. But heaven forbid we actually offer anything better or different to our competitors...IDIOTS! This was reinforced today (hence the rant) when I read a comment left on a post by Scrapping Simply.

The lovely people at Scrapping Simply have linked to my Wednesday Freebie. As I do when I receive a comment, I go and have at look at your blog or site. Now I don’t normally plug sites but here is a site (in USA) that is easy to navigate, their prices on prints fantastic (including reasonable postage if you live outside of USA), offer a money back guarantee and they even cater for the Scrap4Hire industry by offering a discount if you order over a certain amount. I was so impressed by their site I wanted to host their blinkie, so I have :).

Here is a company that has the same setup as us at work from the sounds of it, that offer what we should be offering to the digital community here in OZ. :sigh: maybe one day work will get with the program and Australia will catch up.  In the meantime I know where I am going to get to my pages printed.
Have a great day!


  1. Wow! Awesome prices on prints! Thanks for the heads up on Scrappin Simply...I'll be checking them out for sure!

  2. Yep their prices are terrific and I think I can say with confidence the prints will be excellent too, Michelle.