August 20, 2009

Road Trip....

DH and I are off on a road trip tomorrow, cameras at the ready...YAY!!! We are going to a place called Albury, 6 hrs north-east of home. We are on a business trip...hehe...well we have to pick something up for work but then we will be on the look out for things to snap.

On the way I think we are going to stop at Glenrowan, which is bushranger country...or the place Ned Kelly made his last stand. If we have time the next day and depending on the weather of course, Holbrook might be the place to has the top half of a submarine in the centre of town...true's a replica of the HMAS Otway!

As long as I'm back home by 8pm as DIL to be is having her hen's night...WOOT...WOOT...this should be so much fun :)

Have a great day!

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