August 11, 2009

In Focus!!!

Well I'm meant to be in focus or at least the camera is with the 5omm lens I just's suppose to be good for portrait photography but I think I will have to practice a little more before I am happy with how I am using it.

I thought it would be great to have for the wedding...yes I know I am the Mother of the Groom and should be enjoying the day...but I just can't let this photo opportunity pass me bye :) plus with so many family members gathered together, I am sure it will get a good

Fingers crossed when my Dad and Sister arrive for the wedding, we will set to building a pergola...I have finally had enough of calling tradesmen to come and do work for me and them not turning up. I thought this last mob I called back in May were going to be good, but nope...after agreeing to the quote and asking for the work to be done before the wedding, which was no problem according to them...I still haven't seen hide nor hair of them :(

Still they are the ones missing out on money, at least if my Dad builds me stuff I know it will not fall apart...hahahaha...unlike my building skills. Oh...Oh...pergola building...that will be another photo opportunity...WOOT!

Have a great day!

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