July 27, 2009

Shop Attack!!!

What a busy few days, normally I don't do much...hehe...although Hubby always begs to differ :) Sunday did a shop attack with DD, we went to the big shops in the city where I was hoping to find an outfit for DS's wedding...yes, yes I know I said I had an outfit on layby but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. First stop was a trip to Spotlight (huge material and craft shop) as I just had to see all the home furnishings they have according to DD. I didn't go in with the intention to buy anything but...

I ended up walking out with cushions for the lounge...so very happy with my purchase they look great, don't ya think...

but alas that was all I bought for the day. I only found one outfit that was suitable for the wedding but it didn't look good on me ::sigh:: oh well good job I have my back up outfit.
I have more photos to post (not of the lounge of course...LOL) of DH and my trip out today but I need time to rotate and crop them...I'm a bit tired tonight...though I don't know why all I did was sit in the car...hahahaha!

Have a great day!
hugs Sammy

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