June 30, 2009

So what do you do at 5AM!!

This was the thought running through my head at 5AM yesterday morning. No I didn't get up early, just couldn't sleep :sigh: I finally had enough at 5AM, got up, turned on my computer, made a cup of tea, grabbed a pancake leftover from breakfast the day before and sat down to play in CS4. My time wasn't a total loss as I got the banner for this blog done :)

Anyway...while playing on the puter, surfing the net I happened across a couple of Aussie Girls digi designing and sharing FREEBIES!!! on their blogs. Look under Digi Scap Links in the sidebar and you will find them - RebeccaB and Scrappy Bug. These are two girls you definately have to visit, very nice FREEBIES!!! thank you ladies for sharing :two thumbs up:

Have a great day!
hugs Sammy


  1. :) Hi Sammy!! RebeccaB sent me your link! Yay!!!! More Aussie digi-scrappers!!! Oooo - I'm glad you found me, too (you put my link on your sidebar!) I've just uploaded another freebie kit - excuse all the dribble about going to 4shared... apparently wasn't a very favourable decision!

    I love challenges... so will be coming back later (when I'm not at work! hehehe!) to have a crack at your challenge!

  2. Hey Scrappy, glad RebeccaB sent you over. Yep your on my sidebar, you girls do great work :) Would love to see you in the challengs that would be great.
    Another freebie...woot...off to look!