January 06, 2009

Monday, Monday

While surfing the net one day I happened across a lovely blog - The Simple Womans Blog (see link at the bottom of the page). The wonderful blog owner - Peggy had started the Simple Woman's Daybook, a basic daily journal page . Now...while I have been doing a journal page secretly every monday, I though I would share my journal pages from Australia with you...


Outside my window...at last the sun is shining and the weather is warm!

I am thinking...I wish summer holidays never had to end!

From the kitchen...trying to think of what to have for lunch....then I had better think of dinner

I am wearing...shorts and a T!

I am creating...nothing...I need to find a muse

I am going...I have to go grocery shopping...yuck!

I am reading...the twilight Series (again)!

I am hoping...the weather stays nice for a least a few days!

I am hearing...the sounds of summer, cicadas and a gently breeze...

Around the house...my lounge room looks naked with no Christmas decorations

One of my favorite things...being lazy and doing nothing

Plans for the rest of the week...hmmm...that's easy - work, work, work!




For more information about the Simple Woman's Daybook - click the link above.

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