September 20, 2008

Never Ending Energy Award

I had a lovely suprise today when I visited the forums, Cen had sent me a message to please visit her blog. Now I know Cen is always giving away little freebie treats on her blog and I try to let you all know about them here but my surprise was not the gorgeous CU freebie she has at the moment but this award........

Isn't that just the nicest, kindest award you could receive, I am really stoked that Cen wanted to give it to me. Thank you Sweets, I really appreciate your kind words and thought behind this award.
Now I get to give this award to three people...yay, what fun! So here goes......
Kimmy - this is one lady that just gives and gives and gives. Kim has done so much for me and SDK over the years I really don't know where to begin thanking her. You really deserve this Hon.
Janeal - I take my hat off to you, I still don't know how you manage to fit everything into a day but you do. You have always been so friendly, so kind and so giving come rain or sunshine. It has been my pleasure to have known you all this time.
KayKay - another wonderful lady that is always there when you need a helping hand and so giving of her talent. Thank you.
To find out more about this award visit Nessie Designs

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sammy, you really deserved an award like this. Congrats and thank you too!