April 29, 2008

Monday Challenge

Head on over to Cen's blog and join in on this week's Monday Challenge.

To qualify for the Posting Bonus you have to make a layout using only items from the freebie April Supa Digi Kit from Scrappin Digi Kreations. It still gives you lots to choose from as you have kits from Sue, Lorie, Herald, Kim and Cen all in different styles but with the same colour theme. You can mix and match if you want. The only part of the kit you can't use is Sammy's beautiful Quick Pages but snag them whilst your there, they are gorgeous!!

The rules are:
You can only use items from the April Supa Digi Kit in your layout.

It can be about any subject and you have to send a link to your layout or a copy to me at june.schutrups@btinternet.com by Monday, May 5th.

That's it! Join in on the challenge and receive the following posting bonus free for participating.

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