September 06, 2007

What are you reading???

Kimmy is going to give us the low down on a fantastic mag then I will tell you how to get your hands on this beaut freebie.....

Advanced Photoshop Magazine is touted as "The magazine for Adobe Photoshop professionals" and is filled with tips, tutorials and news for the serious Photoshop user.

Inside each monthly issue are the following standard features: - Insight - news and showcases from around the globe - Helpdesk - q&a from readers - Resources - reviews of assets to improve your work - Features - a number of feature articles ranging from interviews to review of hardware and software - Techniques - tutorials to help you work faster and better - This Month's CD - project files and other goodies such as fonts, brushes and presets.

Every month includes a cd filled with select pdf reprints of older articles, the files you need to follow along with the tutorials and tons of other goodies as stated above. As the title states, this is an advanced magazine, suitable for intermediate to expert Photoshop users. However, some beginners who have a grasp on Photoshop's controls will find the magazine to be just the answer to jumpstarting their creative juices and exploring Photoshop further. You can also jumpstart your creative juices by picking up Kimmy's freebie here.

The most recent issue I have is issue 33 and there are 5 in-depth tutorials ranging from creating rusty metal using rendered lighting to creating an oil-painting effect. As stated previously, these tutorials are quite advanced and require plenty of time to complete satisfactorily. I highly recommend this magazine if you are serious about learning Photoshop and learning new techniques to help you become a better scrapper, designer and photo-editor.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine is published in the UK by Imagine Publishing and is available in the US at Borders and Barnes & Noble. While it is quite pricey (US prices), keep in mind that it is an imported magazine and you can always subscribe at a deep discount. For more information check out their site . Lastly, please check out this thread HERE in the SDK forums - I'll be happy to host a chat/challenge for our members!
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  8. What a beautiful freebie! I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed using it on my last project. I will email it to you so you can see how it was used. Thanks!!!