June 08, 2007

Great layouts

So summer is here, kids are out of school, bbqs and picnics and water days are sure to be enjoyed!!! I hope to see lots of fun layouts showing off these times popping up in the gallery soon!

so I was browsing through our gallery and found these!

I really love this layout by Janeal...the big Monogram, great pics...the way the olive finger hand is popping out of the frame (great job there hon), the cut out...to awesome! And you can get the template for free from her blog. wow!
I am a little partial to thismy friend creating a layout of my boys...ahhhh life is good! I love how she got so many pics on there and it doesn't look distracting...she used great white space (which is part of her calendar challenge this month...go check it out)
And I had to draw attention to this gorgeous layout by cindy (cinmcw). wowo...great photo, colors, elements...the journaling is wonderful. just so pretty

love them all ladies.

Kim's tip of the day: Remember to burn discs of your freebies, purchases, photos and anything else you collect. Make yourself a weekly schedule for burning - you'll be thankful in the long run should you ever suffer a drive burnout!

Sandy runs the recipe section over at SDK...and this month it is all about the BBQ...ahhhhh..yummmmm. Get Ye over there and check it out and play! Or walk the plank! So...her tips have to do with just that!

Sandy's BBQ tip of the day: If you’re only cooking on grates outdoors, then you’re missing out on a lot of great dishes that can be whipped up on the grill. Some foods are just too fragile or too small to plop on grill grates. Stick these foods in a cast iron skillet, and you greatly expand outdoor food options.
sourcethe barbeque master @ gardenand hearth.com


  1. Wow, Kim! I thought I'd take a look-see at your site, as I do whenever I remember, and there was my layout! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for posting my layout on your great site! How exciting! You made my day! I'm going to alert my Mom (that's her in the layout)...she'll get a real kick out of it! I'm quite sure she'll feel honored!

    Just wanted to let you know, also, I love your site and your tips...very helpful!

    Cindy (cinmcw)

  2. Whoops! I meant to post on Kim's site but posted here instead! Sorry! Well, I love everything about the sdk site...so I suppose it doesn't really matter! :)