April 21, 2007

Well...yay for Saturday!!! What does it mean for you!?! More new releases! woohooooo! Here are just a few of the releases for today...and remember....they are 40% off for a limited time! Check them all out here!

From Ms Kim Smith:

From Doreen Stolz:

From Sammy Davis:

From Tracy Blankenship:

Tracy also has a bonus set of stitches for you...another set of stars...a different style.

Preview: Click here to download...go ahead and leave her a little thank you here.

make sure to check out all the cool challenges...get in your layouts before the deadlines for your bonuses!

Sandy's largest cookie trivia two:

Other objects measuring approximately 100 Ft:
A Basketball Court 1/3 of a Football Field A Blue Whale (Nose to Tail) A Boeing 737 Airplane Width of Radio City Music Hall's stage

Kim's tip of the day:

Everyone with children probably creates albums of the child's special events and accomplishments. But what about the every day life? Keep your batteries charged, or a disposable camera handy and snap those every day photos. Scrap these as "A Day in the Life" and keep your journaling simple. I know you'll enjoy looking through these albums as much as the special events ones you make!


  1. Thank you for the lovely stars

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful stitched stars!

  3. Love the stitched stars! Thank you!!

  4. Thanks Tracy.. great stars!!

  5. Thanks for the stitched stars, Tracy!

  6. I adore Tracy's stitches and use the straight ones often. I can see the stars now will be in a lot of my scrapping. Thank you sooooo much.

  7. Thank you so much Tracy for sharing the stitched stars. Stars are one of my most favorite elements and I love stitches! It is appreciated! BettyJoR

  8. love the messy stitching....so cool. thanks.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing... love the stars... :}

  10. can you please have someone from your site e-mail me at jenstrange at gmail dot com? I need to forward you an e-mail about piracy of a designer from your site but can't find any contact info on your site.

  11. Wonderfully stitched stars, thank you!

  12. I love these stitching, beautiful and thank you very much

  13. Hi there! Tracy Bs cool stitch freebie isn't working...its a new link, isn't it? I'd love if you have a chance to let me know if it gets fixed....dig these stitches! LOL

    I'm at orachel54@yahoo.com

    Oh, and I have a cool list of design resource freebies for whoever on your team would like it. I appreciate the Mega spring kit, so this is a sort of thank you..and lots of stuff on th list is ok for commercial use.

    I can be reached at orachel54@yahoo.com if you'd like the list.

    Thank you!!

    Oh...and does anyone know if its possible to get ahold of old copies of the newsletter? I just signed up for it, but I need old ones to try to play the newsletter freebie challenge. Thanks everyone who's able to help me!

    rachel kendall