April 21, 2007

Friday's News

Hi all.....Friday here and that means a new freebie for our Supa Digi Kit has been released! Run on over to the store and grab it! It is by our wonderful and talented Gwenevere Dupus! I love all the releases so far for this kit!

If you like it...why not leave her a little thank you here since you can't leave them in the store?

Sandy is also hosting the recipe challenge. This month it is all about COOKIESSSSSS! yummmm. She has some fun facts about the world's biggest cookie that I will share with you over the weekend.

Todays Fact: TheWorld's Biggest Cookie measured 102 feet in diameter and weighed over 40,000 pounds!

1 comment:

  1. GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so very much...;o) I keep telling myself to stop accepting freebies until I can return the favor...but how could I resist something so beautiful???